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America’s Seafood Campaign Hosts Congressman Buddy Carter for a Boat Tour

Last Friday, America’s Seafood Campaign and Seafood Nutrition Partnership, along with the Tybee Oyster Company, hosted Congressman Buddy Carter (R-GA) for a boat tour of Bull River Ranch, the first floating oyster farm in Georgia to discuss the state of the seafood industry and the importance of investing in the promotion of seafood consumption.

Accompanying Representative Carter were Lauren Baum, SNP’s Senior Development Officer, Pat Mathews, a fourth-generation seafood business owner, and first year oyster farmers Perry and Laura Solomon.

The seafood industry is a key economic driver in Georgia and an essential part of the state’s identity. Unfortunately, many sectors within the industry are facing a host of challenges, underlined by a decline in consumer demand, which is putting financial strain on workers up and down the seafood supply chain.

A national seafood promotion campaign would not only support seafood producers in Georgia but would help encourage healthy choices for all Americans.

“Right now, we are seeing several public health epidemics – from heart disease to the mental health crisis – as well as a seafood industry full of blue-collar workers who are struggling to thrive,” stated Ben Tugendstein, Director of America’s Seafood Campaign. “Growing consumer demand for this healthy and sustainable protein is just the investment that we need. Seafood is so important, economically and culturally, for communities like Savannah all around the country. Now is the time for Congress to provide this crucial boost.”



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