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Travis Larkin

Seafood Exchange

Cynthia Wallesz

Co Owner
C&G's Wild Alaskan Salmon

Andrea Tomlinson

Founder and Executive Director
New England Young Fishermen's Alliance

Paul Doremus

VP for Policy and Sustainability Strategy 
Trident Seafoods

Jason Driskill

VP of Seafood  

Chef Kelly Armetta

Executive Chef
Hyatt Regency - Boston

Monica San Miguel

Chief Marketing Officer
Forever Oceans

Adam Taylor

National Retail Sales Director
North Coast Seafoods

Ashley Besecker

Premier Catch

Bill Hueffner

VP of Marketing and Development
Pacific Seafood

Seafood is an economic engine for communities around the country, a solution to our public health crisis, and an environmentally friendly source of protein. Companies and interests from all across the seafood community agree: it’s time to tell our story through a national marketing campaign.

Linda Cornish

President and Founder
Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Steve Hart

Vice President, Market Development - Asia, Oceania, UK & EU - Global Seafood Alliance
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