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Monument Advocacy Leading America’s Seafood Campaign

March 7, 2022


CONTACT: Matt McAlvanah


Monument Advocacy Leading America’s Seafood Campaign

Coalition advocating for funding for a national marketing campaign

Washington, D.C. - The Seafood Nutrition Partnership and the National Seafood Council Task Force have hired Monument Advocacy to lead America’s Seafood Campaign – its effort to secure Congressional funding for a national seafood marketing campaign. Monument is a Washington, D.C.-based government relations and public affairs firm, specializing in achieving advocacy through compelling stories.

Seafood is an essential industry for local economies, not only along the coasts, but throughout the country. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the industry hard, with frontline workers such as fishers, farmers, retailers, and processors bearing the brunt of the economic impact. America’s Seafood Campaign will provide a platform for these seafood workers to tell their stories to policymakers and educate Washington on the vital benefits of seafood.

Their testimonials and information on the benefits of seafood are available at, which also includes a platform for advocates to take action in support of the campaign. To date, nearly 200 seafood workers and supporters from 37 states have joined the campaign, and more than 100 have participated in the campaign’s first ask – signing onto letters to Congress, which speak to the importance of the industry to their communities, public health, and the environment.

“This campaign will focus on how essential the seafood industry is to jobs and the economies of Congressional members’ home states and districts,” explains Campaign Director Matt McAlvanah. “It will be a campaign about the positive community, health and environmental impact of seafood. Particularly as the industry works to stabilize after COVID, we are optimistic that a campaign that has united leading seafood companies and non-profits will find support on the Hill.”

As the appropriations process for FY23 progresses during the Spring and Summer, America’s Seafood Campaign will continue to connect its advocates with key Members and delegations through meetings with Congressional offices, video testimonials, op-eds, Member visits, and more. Ultimately, the coalition aims to secure $25 million per year over five years for the marketing campaign, which will focus on educating the public on the economic, health and environmental benefits of seafood. With that information top-of-mind for consumers, the campaign should help the industry rebound for the foreseeable future, and firmly establish seafood as a staple in Americans’ diets.

Learn More in Boston, Seafood Expo North America

  • America’s Seafood Campaign will be on the expo floor at Booth 908 at the Seafood Expo North America (SENA) in Boston, March 13-15.

  • The Task Force will be conducting a town hall official SENA session, “Unite the Industry & Creation of a National Seafood Marketing Campaign” on Monday, March 14 at 1:30.




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